Setting axes to integer values in 'ggplot2'

The problem I stumbled across this problem as a TA for an introductory R course. It was a minor question on a Problem Set focussed on creating a Shiny app that the instructor had seeminly dismissed as trivial and not bothered to include in his solution guide. Anyways, I needed to be able to grade the problem set, so I gave it a shot. Like any good programmer, I Googled the question and clicked on the most appealing Stack Overflow response.

Germination Tracker iOS App

A simple app to help me record data on my seedlings.

Rmarkdown animated GitHub corner

How to add an animated GitHub corner to an Rmarkdown page

Find the intersection of overlapping histograms in R

How to find the point where two histograms overlap.

Photo Zoom Animator in iOS

This was an experimental iOS app explaining how to make a custom interactive transition (to use in my PlantTracker app). The goal was to replicate the transition used in the native phone app. I did my best to document the process here. Final Result Resources I used the SnapKit library to make the contraints on my views. This GitHub repository (and my fork) and its paired Medium article were used as a guide.

ggasym ("gg-awesome")

'ggasym' (pronounced "gg-awesome") plots a symmetric matrix with three different fill aesthetics.

Plant Tracker iOS App

An app to help my mom keep track of and care for her plants.